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Ooh la la! Fancy Nancy is today's modern princess. With her best friend Bree, her posh puppy Frenchy and her love of fancy French words, Nancy is ready to take on all of life's challenges, but only while dressed up tres fancy. So if you are looking for a Fancy Nancy doll, games, dress-up clothes, or Fancy Nancy books, you can find it all here!

Fancy Nancy Books

Picture books, "I Can Read!" books and sticker books all featuring our fancy friend Nancy are a great way to instill the love of reading in your little pri..

Fancy Nancy Wall Decals

Make her room oh so fancy with these Fancy Nancy wall decals. Select from giant Fancy Nancy wall stickers or small. You can get them in her favorite poses a..

Fancy Nancy Dolls

Ooh la la! What a great selection of Fancy Nancy dolls! Here you can find Fancy Nancy pose-able dolls, cloth dolls and even Fancy Nancy doll clothes. We ha..

Fancy Nancy Dress Up

Being fancy is very fun! Choose among dress up clothes that are fit for…well, Nancy of course! Choose a Fancy Nancy costume for your little girl as well as..

Fancy Nancy Games

Whether for play dates or just family fun, choose from among Fancy Nancy card games, colorforms and board games. Great for a range of ages starting at..

Fancy Nancy Puzzles

Choose from among Fancy Nancy glitter puzzles, color me puzzles and cameo puzzles ranging from 20 pieces to 100 pieces. All are from scenes in the much l..

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Are you wondering, “Who is Fancy Nancy?” If you are between the ages of 3 and 8, you most certainly know her. Nancy was first introduced to us in 2004 in her debut picture book by Jane O'Connor aptly named “Fancy Nancy.” Nancy, the main character in the story, is a little girl who loves everything fancy, including fancy clothes and fancy words, especially French words (because they sound so fancy). What makes being fancy so difficult for Nancy is that her mom, dad and sister are oh so plain! So Nancy must give them lessons on the difference between being fancy and plain. Other important people in Nancy's life are her posh puppy Frenchy, Mirabelle her doll and her best friend Bree. The book's illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser are especially captivating and whimsical.
Since the introduction of that first book, Fancy Nancy has become a pint sized icon for little girls (and I'm sure some little boys) around the country. The first book has blossomed into dozens of sequel books, games, puzzles, dolls, room décor and party supplies … all starring Nancy of course.
Lots of little girls especially love to dress like Nancy. She can be easily recognized by her certain clothing styles and accessories, such as her butterfly sunglass and wings, her cow print leotard, poodle skirt, purple party dresses and the shoes….don't forget the shoes!  Fun and frilly dress up clothes make great Fancy Nancy gifts for your little girl, and you can get them all here.  Select feather boas, tutus and even Fancy Nancy slippers.  With all of our dress up items, you can assemble a fabulous Fancy Nancy costume for Halloween or just for having fun on any rainy day.
Here at Everything Princesses we have the best selection of Fancy Nancy merchandise that you will find anywhere online! Here you can assemble a great gift including Fancy Nancy dresses, a Fancy Nancy doll and of course the books! Check out our Fancy Nancy doll clothes that can be used to dress Nancy or any other 18 – 21 inch doll of your little one's choice. If you're looking for it and we don't have it, just let us know and we'll find it for you.
Throwing a Fancy Nancy party can be loads of fun! The Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book will give you great ideas for party games and fancy party hors d'oevres perfect for pint sized guests. Check out our Fancy Nancy party invitations and thank you cards to top off that oh so magnifique party (coming soon). We've even found some whimsical party favors that are perfect for party goers.
We here at Everything Princesses love Nancy! So we've searched out everything Fancy Nancy we can find, so we can be your one-stop-shop for all things fancy – you won't be disappointed. We've categorized them for ease of shopping but feel free to browse.
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