Princess themed arts and crafts projects that provide family fun and a wonderful feeling of “hey, I did it!” when admiring her own beautiful castle, or sparking tiara, or princess bear. Outdoor artsy activities, too, like drawing a beautiful princess with colorful sidewalk chalk and stencils.

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Crowns, sparkles and jewels galore. These are the things princess crafts are made of. If you have a creative daughter, nurture her artsy side with crafts she will enjoy completing. Combining two of her favorite things, princesses and art, is sure to be a hit. Princess crafts are wonderful for independent, quiet time and also for entertaining a group.
There are many different projects to choose from in our princess craft collection. Whether she likes to paint, do mosaics, bead, or stamp, she will have her choice of beautiful templates and kits to design to her heart's content. Let her express herself through her artwork. She will develop self-confidence and pride through her ability to invent and complete her masterpieces.
Princess crafts are fantastic for teaching hand to eye coordination, fine motor skills and math concepts. She will be developing logical thinking and problem solving skills as she works through the process of decorating and designing her artwork. What wonderful skills to teach in such a fun way!
For girls who love glamour, consider a princess craft kit she can decorate with sparkling jewels. After embellishing a crown or wand template, endless possibilities will open up for her imagination to roam. With her completed princess crafts, she is now able to play with the glittering crowns and appoint her favorite stuffed animals as royal successors of her kingdom.
Many crafts, such as painting, can be a soothing and therapeutic way to relax after a busy day at school. Mixing the colors and painting a princess craft will help her unwind before homework and bed. For those longer projects, she will be able to extend the princess craft over several nights. This will build her dedication, perseverance, and focus. When she finally finishes, she will do it with pride.
Princess sticky mosaic crafts are also a great favorite for girls of all ages. Just stick the small foam squares and sparkling jewels on the templates and she's made a beautiful masterpiece she can display in her room. The great thing about these princess mosaic crafts is that they usually combine a craft and a usable item into one- such as make your own frog prince story to a happily ever after princess jewelry box.
Jewelry making is always a favorite among young girls and can entertain them for hours as they make jewelry for themselves and everyone they know. They feel great satisfaction from completing an activity and having a finished product to show for their hard work. Not only are they proud of their perseverance, they also love to wear and show off their self-created jewelry. Their dazzling necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings will complement their princess dress-up clothes perfectly. What a fun and easy way to accessorize!
Princess crafts can also be a wonderful edition to birthday parties. What does a hostess do with so many princesses under one roof? A princess craft, of course. You can find several kits on our website that are perfect for entertaining a royal crowd. To make sure every princess is content, select a variety of arts and crafts that will entice crafters of all kinds. Mosaics, beading, sticker crafts and painting should be a wide enough range that every princess will find something she can enjoy.

No matter what your little one desires to create, you are sure to find a princess craft that will tickle her tiara. Watch as she becomes transformed into a petite artist, absorbed in her creation until she has added the final touches. When her project is complete, you will see her stand a little taller and a little more confident. That alone is worth all the princess jewels in the world.