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Here’s where you’ll find princess-themed fun and games that are perfect for creative play. Games, puzzles, group activities for playdates, princess dolls to dress up...even make-your-own dolls and wardrobes. Plus tub toys, travel games and so much more to delight and inspire the imagination of any little girl.
dolls + accessories

She’ll love dressing up our dolls...or even making her very own fairy princess doll with beautiful, frilly dresses, golden tiaras, magic wands...and plenty of..

educational play

She’ll learn while she plays with these princess-themed educational toys, games and activities. Because everybody knows that princesses are not just beautiful..

group play

She and her friends will love our puppet theatre complete with a beautiful princess and other puppet friends. Nothing else nurtures the art of make-believe qu..

outdoor play

Look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane...no, it’s a princess kite flying high in the sky. Take a look at our hard-to-find princess themed toys she’ll love playing wi..

play sets

Colorful and unique play sets offer endless hours of imaginary play. Take a look at our beautifully detailed princess castle “doll houses” with magnetic princ..

play tents

What fun! Tents are fun to start with, but at first glance you’ll see that these are not ordinary tents. Princess-themed play tents designed to be magically e..

Princess DVDs

From the classics to soon-to-be-favorites, check out all of our princess movies on DVD.

puzzles + games

Princess-themed games and puzzles; floor puzzles for tiny-tot princesses and slightly more challenging puzzles for princesses who are a little more grown up. ..

travel play

If you’re taking your princess on the road (or on a long flight) she’ll love having fairy tale fun with these easy-to-transport activities. Specially designed..

water toys

Rub a dub dub, princess in the tub. Whether it's in the tub, the pool, the ocean or a lake, water time is playtime for any little princess. She’ll love playi..

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When you are looking for the perfect toy for your darling daughter, you can be assured that anything with princesses will be loved. Princess toys are a common item adored by many little girls. Princess games, princess toy castles, princess playhouses and princess puzzles are just a few choices of princess toys that will captivate her interest during playtime.
A fantastic way to enjoy time with your daughter is through playing princess games. Children form deep bonds with their parents when they are able to spend quality time together. Playing princess games with your child will also allow you to teach her good sportsmanship and how to take turns. She can also learn to play strategically, but with consideration of others. For years, she will be able to apply the values you have taught her on future games.
Once you have taught her how to play her princess games, she will be able to teach her friends when they come to visit. She will practice her communication skills and ability to explain directions in a chronological order. How proud she will feel when she can effectively and independently tell her friends how to play.
Every little girl loves to play with dollhouses. Boost her imaginative play time with princess toy castles that will occupy her for hours. These majestic castles are more than any other regular doll house. With princess toy castles, she will become part of the enchanting world of royalty where anything is possible. Decorated with exquisite details and adorned with royal furniture pieces, her alluring kingdom will come to life through creative play. These charming princess toy castles will surely appeal to her inner princess. Please make sure to check out our great selection of royal figurines made especially for playtime in our play castles. Most have bendable arms and legs and make sure to select the entire royal family including a king, queen, prince, princess, and horse & knight.  You can find all of our castle play figures in our princess dolls category.
Where does a princess go when she is trying to escape from the evil witch? Far away in her princess playhouse, of course. From princess tents and canopies to cardboard castles, your precious little girl will be delighted with her own hideaway that will fulfill her princess dreams. One day it is a cottage full of forest dwarfs, while the next it becomes a tall tower she has been locked inside of with only one way out. The choices are endless! Whether playing alone or with a friend, the memories she makes while playing with her princess toys will be priceless.
Puzzles are always a wonderful choice for any child. Her puzzle collection won't be complete without princess puzzles. Puzzles are fantastic for independent, quiet play to encourage concentration and focus. Children also enjoy other family members taking part in completing a puzzle with them, since it creates a fun family experience.
Puzzles are also very educational. They stimulate fine motor development, problem solving skills and logical thinking. Fine motor skills are needed for many tasks at school and home such as writing, eating and grooming. Problem solving skills and logical thinking are necessary for everyday life since decisions are an integral part of everyday situations. When you supply your daughter with puzzles, the skills she will gain will benefit her throughout her future. Puzzles are a splendid choice to add to your daughter's array of princess toys.

With all the princess toys to choose from, it can be difficult to know which to select for your little heiress. No matter which you decide on, she will be overjoyed to have princess toys to share with friends and family.