princess wands

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Every little princess needs magical wands to cast spells, turn pumpkins into coaches and turn frogs into Prince Charmings. Choose from among silver and gold sequined princess wands to those with spinning lights.

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Welcome to our princess web store where you’ll find everything you need to make princess dreams come true from princess dresses to beds. If its princess, you’ll find it here! We searched the kingdom over to find quality princess products at the best prices.

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We have a great selection of princess wands to charm even the most discerning princess. From silver and gold sequin star wands, to rainbow butterfly wands. All wands come in a range of colors including silver, gold, pink, blue, lavender and white. Our most popular style is the Tiara Princess Wand. These whimsical wands are shaped like little tiaras on top, have a poof of matching marabou and are available in three colors. We also have some great choices of unique princess wands which are described in more detail below.
Some of the most fun princess wands, which my children play with for hours on end are silk streamer wands. These are wooden wands with 9 feet of shimmering silk trailing behind a decorative wooden bead at the top. My daughters love to dance around and wave these magical wands making beautiful shapes in the air. They could very well be their most favorite toy. They are available in three colors: rainbow, red and blue. If you have younger children (say two to three years old), you can also get these princess wands in half the size with 3 feet of silk. We can't say enough great things about these wands!
If your child enjoys craft projects, you should check out our very popular make a princess wand craft projects. These do it yourself craft kits include everything your little princess needs to make her own princess wand: a wooden star wand, four paint colors, a paint brush, gems, glitter glue and lots of ribbons. A princess wand craft project is also a great activity for the guests at a princess themed birthday party.
If your little girl plans on dressing up as a princess for Halloween, you should consider purchasing a princess wand with spinning lights or flashing lights. These princess wands provide two functions: they will provide your little girl with the enjoyment of carrying a magical wand while “trick or treating” and will also provide you with the comfort that she's safe. Once Halloween is over, these light-up wands will continue to provide your children with hours of play time enjoyment.
Our silk unicorn wands, dragonfly and dragon wands are made in the USA, made from 100% silk and can double as puppets. Just have your children use their imagination, and you'll be surprised what they can come up with!
We also carry a nice variety of princess tiara and wand sets in a range of styles and colors including pink, purple and white. If you are ever wondering which princes wand best matches the princess dress of your choice, just give us a jingle at 1-800-405-1820, and we are glad to help!