princess wall art

Everything from whimsical pre-pasted wallpaper decals to elaborate, classic fairy tale tapestries personalized with your little princess’s name.

princess wall art

3D Princess Crown Wall Art
Our Price: $69.99
Blonde Fairy Princess
Our Price: $67.99
Brunette Fairy Princess
Our Price: $67.99
Fairy Tales Do Come True
Our Price: $45.99
Felt Princess Banner
Our Price: $24.99
Giant Carriage Wall Decal
Our Price: $55.99
Pretty Pink Princess Crown
Our Price: $45.99
Royal Princess Banner
Our Price: $188.99
Scroll Crown and Wand
Our Price: $89.99
Smiling Princess
Our Price: $47.99
Tiara Peel & Stick Mirror
Our Price: $12.99

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Welcome to our princess web store where you’ll find everything you need to make princess dreams come true from princess dresses to beds. If its princess, you’ll find it here! We searched the kingdom over to find quality princess products at the best prices.

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To make a castle a home, a princess needs her favorite things with which to decorate. What could make her room more magical than decorating with princess wall art? With royal pictures on her walls, she will truly feel part of a magic kingdom.
Every princess needs a place to dream and to also visit with her gentle forest friends. Transform her room into an enchanted wonderland with her choice of princess wall art. Let her decorate using a princess wall hanging, princess wall mural, princess art and other princess wall décor to create a space she will treasure for years to come.
Princess wall décor is a fun way to allow your daughter to become her own interior designer for the day. You can buy the supplies and hand over the key to her room to give her the freedom to decorate as she pleases. Or, use princess wall art as a means to bond with your daughter and complete a fun activity together. Want an ultimate surprise? Decorate her room with all the princess wall décor she can imagine while she is away for a few hours. Complete her princess room with a princess bed canopy and she will be amazed to come home to her very own fairytale.
Since a princess wall hanging does not change the bedroom design permanently, it is a quick and simple way to make an impressive statement. From jeweled crowns to dancing princesses, your little heiress will have her pick of princess wall art from our online selection. Choosing a variety of styles and sizes will give the room an overall feel of your princess theme without feeling overwhelming.  Whether its a beautiful canvas painting or whimsical princess wall decals, she'll have lots to select from at Everything Princesses.
Hang pictures featuring princess art at eye level around her room to serve as focal points. Add a splash of regality by using smaller princess art on narrow walls near windows and doors. The best place for a large princess wall hanging is on a main wall, since it grounds the princess design found in the smaller details around the room. Consider also hanging a princess wall scroll that will announce she is truly the fairest in the land.
Hang a beautiful princess wall mural on an expansive wall in her room to send her dreaming of princess adventures. These are easily installed and give a gorgeous painted-on appearance with none of the hassle that comes with dusting pictures. With most murals, you have the option of choosing between vinyl and canvas and both are applied like traditional wallpaper. If you are unsure about the permanence, you may want to choose the vinyl since it can be removed and reinstalled once after being applied to the wall. The canvas gives a textured, breathtaking look of being painted onto the wall, while the vinyl is a great choice for detailed, screen printed images. Both are washable, which is fantastic for those moments when your little princess uses her favorite crayon to draw herself into the castle window. Made to last, these murals will be loved for years.

With princess wall art displayed magnificently around her room, the enchanting allure of kingdoms far away will capture your daughter's imagination and enhance her creative play. She will adore her new private space surrounded by the beautiful and elegant princess art pieces.